ukКафедра теорії, практики та перекладу французької мови КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського

Yuliia Reizina

Lecturer at The Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of the French.


1995-2021р. International Institute of Linguistics and Law, Kyiv – Philologist, teacher of French and English. Specialist diploma with honours

2000 Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Paris Course in Business French. One year of study in France at the courses of business speech and 20th century art, Diploma of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (with honours) in Business French

September 2001-October 2009 – International Institute of Linguistics and Law (Kyiv International University), Kyiv. Lecturer at the Department of Romance Philology.
Teaching practical French language courses at the Faculties of Linguistics and Translation, Faculty of International Relations, Faculty of International Law, curator of groups of students (organisation and conduct of extracurricular and cultural activities).